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2015 Jersey Pre-Order and Kit Giveaway!

VéloColour 2015 Jersey’s – Pre Order Available till April 20th.

We’re are putting in an order, with two designs we are really excited about, and we want you to have one! Whether heading out for a short morning ride, riding along blissful country roads, or refueling at a pastry stop we want to look good and we want you to look good too. Simple and classic that’s the way we roll!

For more information:

We also figure we can’t have everyone just ordering with out giving back so we have a bit of a Kit Giveaway happening

Here’s the deal: Everyone that buys a jersey before our pre-order closes on the 20th will be entered into a draw for a VéloColour combo pack.
What’s included? The jersey of their choice along with all black pro bibs, a sweet new matching V-cap and one of our classic musettes. Yup the whole package!

And Here’s everything in the ‘Kit Giveaway’

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