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Custom Headbadge Gallery

Our VeloColour custom headbadge gallery is up and ready for lookin’ at.  You can find it here. We make each custom head badge from scratch, according to the wishes of each proud bicycle owner (or gift giver). Like the best tattoo artist, we’ll talk with you about what you want, working either from a sketch you provide, a photograph, a logo or just an idea. All custom badges are handmade either from stainless steel, brass, copper or nickle silver. Looking for more than one? We also do runs of laser cut badges  minimums start at 20 pieces and usually range between $15-$25 depending on the amount of detail and design work we do.

We’ll supply two sketches on any custom design. Working time is minimum two weeks. Prices vary and start in the neighbourhood of $190-$250. Contact us at a quote!

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