Painting a Frame

Painting a frame is pretty simple. All it takes is skill, knowledge, patience, the right equipment (like a stripping tank, a large sandblast cabinet, multiple HVLP spray guns, a good spray booth, a drying “oven”). And did we mention patience, a lot of patience?
Pre 1
My Dad’s 1974 Mariposa is still ridden – the original paint really shows its age.

Pre 2
More evidence of its age.

Pre 3
35 years of sweat takes its toll.

Step 1
The frame has been stripped and is now ready for sandblasting.

Step 2
After stripping comes sandblasting.

Step 3
After sandblasting, the frame is cleaned to remove any oils and dust.

Step 4
After the first coat of primer.

Step 5
We inspect the frame and fill any surface imperfections.

Step 6
The grey filler primer and bondo are then sanded.

Step 7
The frame is re-primed and sanded once more.

Step 8
Two coats of the colour chosen for panels have been applied.

Step 9
The first colour is lightly sanded and masked.

Step 10
The frame after two coats of the second colour.

Step 11
The masking removed.

Step 12
Decals are now applied.

The frame with one overall clear coat and six on the decals.

Decals have been sanded smooth, lug lining applied & cut-outs filled.

After the final clear coat, Dad’s Mariposa is done and awaits its custom head badge.

After the installation of its custom head badge.