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Right to Play Pinarello

Canadian cyclist Michael Barry, a professional with Team Sky and VéloColour have partnered with Pinarello bicycles to create a uniquely painted pinball themed bicycle frame. The frame will be auctioned online with all of the proceeds of the sale going to support Right to Play, an organization working with volunteers and partners to use sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage.

When they were children, Noah and Michael spent hours riding their bikes up and down neighborhood streets in North Toronto. Once the sun had set they would retire to Noah’s basement to play pinball. With those fond memories they began to design this Pinarello carbon fiber frame. Noah explained, “Within the project and the design there are elements of our youth, which tie it all together.”

Pedaling their bikes, kicking soccer balls and shooting hockey pucks enhanced Noah and Michael’s childhood experience and gave them lifelong perspective and opportunities. They both feel that all children should have the opportunity to play sport, which is why they want to support Right to Play.

Pinarello has kindly donated one of their top carbon racing frames to support the project.

Details of the Pinarello Prince frame:
Material: Carbon 50HM1K Torayca®
Fork: Onda™ FPX Carbon 50HM1K 1” 1/8 conified 1” 1/4 integral system
Rear Stay: Onda™ FPX Carbon 50HM1K
Weight for raw frame: 990gr
B.Bracket: Most® Croxover
Size: 55
(Seat Post and headset bearings included)

Walter Lai kindly took the photos of the frame.

Explore more photos in my Projects area.

Michael Barry is a four time Olympian who has ridden as a professional for thirteen years. He has ridden for some of the top teams including US Postal, Discovery Channel, T-Mobile, High Road and Sky. The author of three books on cycling his writing has also been published in the New York Times, The Toronto Star and The Times of London.

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