Services & Prices

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” — Benjamin Franklin

•Current wait time is 12 weeks as of Feb 1st, 2017. Actual paint turn around time is 2-4 weeks•


Some customers know exactly what they want and look to VeloColour to execute their paint dreams, others don’t have a creative bone in their body. If you are part of the later group, we are here to help. Both Noah and Suzanne have fine art background so we are more than qualified to help you make your dream bike come together by creating a custom design for you. Send us some inspiration like colour, patterns or other details that excite you and we can take it from there (unrelated to bicycles preferred).

2-3 frame and fork drawings giving you options in colour and design- from $225

Steel, Titanium , Aluminum and Classic Restorations

This is our traditional Finish which is the starting point for all of the restorations and custom paint jobs we do. This includes striping of original paint from metal frames.

Single colour frame and fork  $650  ($550 USD)
Single colour frame only  $550  ($465 USD)
Single colour fork only  $200  ($166 USD)
For heavily pitted frames add  $75-$100


All supplied decals are buried under clear coat and sanded smooth to the touch
Vinyl decals are not sanded completely smooth
Decal application including purchase of top quality decals from $175
Decal application with your supplied decals from $125

Stencils (spray mask)

All stencils are buried under clear coat and sanded smooth to the touch.
Artwork Creation $100 per hour
Application from $75

Traditional Paint Additions
(paint is included in most cases)

For modern frames other paint additions are available, similar to prices found —>
Headtube panel  $100
Seat/down tube panel  $100 each or $150 for two
Panel banding and pinstriping  from $75
Entire seat tube  $95
Headlugs  $175
Fork crown  $125
Filled lug cutouts  $90
Pearls and heavy flakes  $125
Candies  $175
Two colour fade  $150


Lug Lining Includes head lugs, seat lug, bottom bracket and fork crown from $175
Box Lining from $275

Carbon Frames

This is the same high quality finish with all of the added prep for carbon. This includes masking of aluminum or carbon drop-out faces, b.b. faces and derailleur mounts where applicable.

Single colour frame and fork  $750  ($635 USD)
Single colour frame only  $675  ($575 USD)
Single colour fork only   from $250  ($190 USD) -additional masking needed for disk forks

Stencils (spray mask)

Most graphics on modern frames we do in paint to match the overall scheme, we have alot of artwork available for most of the major brands such as Cervelo, Specialized, Trek etc. If we don’t have the appropriate artwork for your frame we will be able to create it for you.

All stencils are buried under clear coat and sanded smooth to the touch.
Artwork Creation $100 per hour
Application starting at $75


Modern Paint Additions

There are infinite ways of adding colour to your frames, here are some ball park priced for paint additions commonly found on our modern paint schemes.

Secondary Colour on Fork Interior $150
Secondary Colour on Rear End Interior  $180-$250
Hand Masking of Pinstripes  from $150 per colour
Pattern Work  from $400
Two Colour Fade $150
Three Colour Fade $300
Pearls and heavy flakes  $125
Candies  $175
One colour stem with face plate $125
One colour carbon handle bars from $100
One colour Bar/stem from $150
One colour seat post with straight mask $100


A few other details:
•Velocolour only accepts frames stripped of components including headset & bottom bracket.
•Drop-off, pick-up and/or delivery are the responsibility of the customer.
•For us to pack up and ship your frame back to you there is an additional handling fee of $75

Other Services Offered:

Additional Paint Items

Painted pump from $95 -doesn’t include pump but we have Silca (the best) paint ready pumps available for $230
One colour fenders from $200
Headbadge removal and installation  $50

Braze-ons -Frame repair prices are for steel only.
Shifter Bosses (pair)  $65
Bottle bosses (pair)  $65
Top tube cable tunnels (three)  $75
Top tube cable stops (pair)  $65
Low rider rack bosses (pair)  $65
Cantilever bosses (pair)  $95
Cantilever bridge  $75
Braze-on removal (each)  $20
Pump peg  $25
Fender bosses (4) $125

Other services

Rust proofing $60
Rear alignment/spacing  $50
Fork alignment  $45
Chase and face bottom bracket  $45
Paint strip only $75
Paint strip and sand blast $125
Clear Coat only $150-$200 (

Prices shown don’t cover every repair detail, please feel free to ask; we can probably do it.

Chrome or Copper Plating

(All newly chromed items receive internal rust proofing treatment.)
Standard chroming includes lugs, fork crown and dropouts or partial stays and fork blades. Masking is additional.

Standard polishing of frame and fork (Headlugs, seat lug, drop-outs front and rear, fork crown…)  $575  ($490 USD)
Complete polish and chrome/copper plating on frame and fork  $1200  ($1050 USD)
Fork only  $275  ($235 USD)

Chrome Stripping
If your frame or fork has old pitted and rusty chrome this needs to be removed before re-chroming.

Chrome stripping on a frame $130
Chrome stripping on a fork $95

Chrome Masking
For new and existing chrome
Head lugs  $90
Seat lug  $55
Fork crown  $60
Front and rear dropout faces  $60
Dropout faces and front and rear edges  $140
Right chainstay  $25
Top eyes/seat stay caps  $50
Partial stays and fork blades  $75
Front derailleur hanger  $20


Our Traditional Finish Includes the Following Steps:

  1. Stripping of old paint finishes
  2. #120 glass bead/aluminum oxide blasting or hand sanding based on material
  3. First epoxy primer coat
  4. Dent and pit filling*
  5. Lots of hand sanding
  6. Second epoxy primer coat
  7. First colour coat
  8. Second colour coat
  9. Additional colours are applied at this point
  10. First clear coat
  11. Details such as decals and stencils are applied after the clear coat has been gently oven baked
  12. Second clear coat with three additional coats over decals and stencils and more baking
  13. Final hand sanding for an exceptionally smooth finish
  14. Third clear coat
  15. Final clear coat
  16. Gentle oven curing

*Additional charges may be discussed and added upon inspection.