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Tour of Bicycle Specialties/VéloColour Workspace


VéloColour shares its workspace with Mike Barry in the legendary Toronto bicycle shop Bicycle Specialties. Mariposa bicycles were also handmade here. Bicycle Specialties is no longer in operation, but it’s still around and exuding cycling, and Barry-family history. There are so many incredible things in the space, really it’s a bit overwhelming.  Since there is so much to see we thought it would be neat to show you some snaps of the studio, and the museum in the rafters.


A pennyfarthing.

Here’s a late 19th century Elliot Hickory standing over a lovely Mariposa city bike.

There are lots of rare items in the shop like this original Cinelli Lazer pursuit bike.

These nice old cabinets contain all sorts of goodies.

Another look at the rafters and Dede and Michael Barry’s Olympic jerseys on the back wall.

We still have lots of tubing and lug sets in the store room.

Though he’s retired master craftsman Mike Barry is still around the shop now and then.

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